This website is growing from my re-engagement with art as practitioner and observer.
I might call myself an Abstract Materialist, and when I decide what that means I probably will. 
My posts won’t change your life but I hope you enjoy them. Please click the button in the sidebar if you’d like to follow me and receive news of updates.
The tabs above will take you to the following pages, all of which I aim to expand as time goes on: 
Art – reflections on my practice
Blog – er, blog
Gallery – a visual gallery 
Music – occasional thoughts on music
Writing – (“all writing is creative”… ) 
Editing – information about my freelance service
Resources – links to info and things of interest
MAR005 – online journal for my MA assignment

Cast List

MA (full time) a.k.a. NAVIGATORS a.k.a. Defenders of the Phoenix!
Steve Beadle               SB (The Scavenger)
John Billingham          JB (The Baptist)
Kerry Fox                     KF (Political Mum)
Angela Howard           AH (Mighty Mop)
Richard Kitchen          RK (Captain Cardboard)

MA (part time)
Beth Boyes                  BB
Francesca King          FK
Shaun Martin             SM
Julie Watson               JW
(Superhero identities dependent on mutation)

Also starring
Samuel Beckett                                   – playwright
Bertolt Brecht                                       – playwright
Peter Brook                                         – theatre director
Federico Fellini                                   – film director
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel        – philosopher
Martin Heidegger                               – philosopher
Mrs Jones                                            – primary school art teacher
Miss Kettletee                                     – primary school class teacher
Maurice Jean Jacques Merleau-Ponty – philosopher

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