This website is growing from my engagement with art as both practitioner and spectator. 
I might call myself an Abstract Materialist, and when I decide what that means I probably will. 
My posts may not change your life but I hope you enjoy them. Please click the button in the sidebar if you’d like to follow me and receive news of updates.
The tabs above will take you to the following pages, all of which I aim to expand as time goes on: 
Art – reflections on my practice
Blog – er, blog
Gallery – a visual gallery 
Music – occasional thoughts on music
Writing – (“all writing is creative”… ) 
Editing – information about my freelance service
Resources – links to info and things of interest
MAR005 – online journal for my MA assignment

Cast List

MA (full time)
Steve Beadle               SB
John Billingham         JB
Kerry Fox                     KF
Angela Howard          AH
Richard Kitchen         RK

MA (part time)
Beth Boyes                  BB
Francesca King          FK
Shaun Martin             SM
Julie Watson               JW

MA (tutors and technical staff)
Kim Bennett                KB
Vanessa Corby            VC
Lucy O’Donnell           LO
Rob Oldfield                RO      
Tilo Reifenstein          TR
Jo Sperryn-Jones         JSJ
Sally Taylor                 ST
Helen Turner             HT
Nathan Walker           NW

Guest Stars
YSJ visiting artists
Lee Hassall                  LH
Lou Hazelwood          LHz
York & area artists
Lesley Birch                 LB
David Campbell          DC
Cecile Creemers         CC
Debbie Loane              DL
Richard Mackness      RM
Tim Morrison              TM

Also starring
Samuel Beckett                                   – playwright
Bertolt Brecht                                       – playwright
Peter Brook                                         – theatre director
Federico Fellini                                   – film director
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel       – philosopher
Martin Heidegger                               – philosopher
Frida Kahlo                                          – artist
Mrs Jones                                            – primary school art teacher
Miss Kettletee                                     – primary school class teacher
Diego Maria de la Concepcion Juan Nepomuceno Estanislao de la Rivera y Barriento Acosta y Rodriguez (a.k.a. Diego Rivera) – artist
Malcolm Robinson                              – secondary school art teacher


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